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Space to Breathe Gallery

Take a look at our gallery of projects. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and our solutions are custom for each client’s needs. Your space should be calming not stressful. If “stuff” is weighing you down then it may be time to call a professional organizer.

Pantry Before

Pantry Before.jpg

Pantry After

Pantry After.jpg

Pantry Before

Pantry1 Before.JPG

Pantry After

Pantry1 After.JPG

Closet Before

Closet Before.jpg

Closet After

Closet After.jpg

“Nicole is a closet genius. She came up with perfect use of my space and it is amazing how I can actually find what I am looking for!! She is coming back to organize more of my life!”

- Jeanne

Garage Before

Garage Before.jpg

Garage After

Garage After.jpg

“From my initial contact up until my appointment communication was consistent and thorough. Nicole is extremely professional, trustworthy, went the extra mile, knew how to organize, worked in a timely manner, came prepared with things she needed to ensure my organization went well and she went above and beyond my expectations.  She was amazing and was very friendly and professional! I would highly recommend her!”

- Caren


Playroom Closet Makeover

Bin Labels with Pictures

Bin Labels with Pictures.jpg
Playroom closet makeover.jpg
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